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This Guide will outline steps to integrate Zoom and Inviited.
With the Zoom integration in place, Inviited will automatically create Zoom links before adding meetings to your Google or Microsoft Calendar (Outlook or Exchange Server)

In this Guide:

How to setup Zoom

There are two ways to set up Zoom with your Inviited account


Method 1: While scheduling a Meeting

When typing the meeting location. If you type "Zoom" (without quotes) and you've never set up Zoom before, you'll be promoted with an "Activate here" link

click the "Activate here" link to start


Method 2: Activate in your Setting

Click your name in the top right of the app, and you have the option of Setting up Zoom

click "Activate Zoom" to start

Activating Zoom

However you activate zoom (Method 1 or 2 ☝️), you'll be presented with the Zoom login.

Log in with your Zoom account

After you login, you'll need to Authorise integration with Inviited

Click "Authorize" to proceed

Once you Authorize, you're done!


How to use Zoom

Next time you type "Zoom" in the Meeting Location, we'll generate a Zoom link for you before we create the meeting in everyone's calendar.

You'll know you've successfully Activated Zoom in the previous step, because the "Activate here" link no longer appears

When Zoom has already been activated

After the meeting has been created, you'll get an email with the Zoom link.

The same Zoom link will also be in Calendar entry for all meeting invitees.

Zoom link in Meeting confirmation Email (it's also in the Calendar entry 😎)

How to Deactivate Zoom

If you wish to deactivate Zoom integration simply navigate to the Inviited page on Zoom Marketplace and select β€œUninstall”

Use the "Uninstall" button to Deactivate Zoom

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